Nutritional Therapy

What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional therapy is a bio individual, root cause, approach used to support each client as we work together to find the underlying issues that are contributing to your symptoms. We focus on a personalized protocol that addresses the foundations of vibrant health and is tailored to your unique needs.


Support the body to heal


No one-size-fits-all answers


Address the root cause


Involves Mind + Body + Soul

Like any other therapy, nutritional therapy is not a quick fix. Just as it took your body time to experience dysfunction, it takes time to regain thriving health. It is an honor for us to partner with you on your journey and cheer you on as you experience success on your way to wellness.

Signs You Should Work with a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

“I want to be healthy, but get overwhelmed with all the conflicting nutrition advice”

“I have one or more lingering health issues I want to address”

“I am willing to make diet + lifestyle changes if I see improvement”

“I need someone who will understand my life + keep me accountable”

What are foundations for vibrant health?

It is our greatest desire to help each client experience thriving health from the inside out!

We celebrate you!

You are worth it!

Do I Need Nutritional Therapy?

  • I feel sluggish & tired most of the time
  • I get lightheaded & hangry if I don’t eat
  • My energy depends on how much I eat
  • I feel like I am addicted to sugar
  • I experience cramping, gas, & bloating
  • My gut feels out-of-whack
  • I suspect that I have food sensitivities
  • I want someone to tell me what is best for me as a bioindividual
  • I have irregular and painful periods
  • I want to prepare my body for a healthy pregnancy
  • I often have acne and skin flare ups 

A Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Will:

  • Assess current diet & lifestyle
  • Make recommendations
  • Answer questions
  • Serve as personal guide & coach
  • Accompany you on your healing journey

We also incorporate HTMA (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis) as a functional test that is cost effective and provides insight into your metabolic health. Using tangible data, we take a deep dive into your personal goals and create a protocol that is not just supportive, but also enjoyable, while we focus on creating new and sustainable habits for lasting change!

Your health is an investment, not an expense and we understand your journey is unique to you. Let’s begin with a free 30 min consult to see if we are a good fit for each other!

(One Month)

Comprehensive intake process that includes:

  • Question-related to your bio-individual health history, lifestyle stressors, family history, etc.
  • A 320 question symptom assessment to analyze and identify areas of dysregulation and imbalances in the body
  • 3 day food and mood journal analysis
  • HTMA test kit and information

Followed up with:

  • 90 min 1:1 consultation to review HTMA results, define health goals, and develop your personalized wellness strategy
  • Unlimited email support
  • Customized Educational resources and handouts
  • Access to professional grade targeted supplement recommendations


(3 Months)

All the benefits of the Basic Wellness Package Plus:

  • 3 coaching sessions:
    • Guidance for implementing and adjusting personalized wellness strategy
  • 3 months of additional education tips and lifestyle suggestions
  • Unlimited email support for 3 months


(6 Months)

All the benefits of the Standard Wellness Package Plus:

  • 6 coaching sessions
  • Then Retest HTMA to compare with your previous test and measure your result to update and asses your wellness strategies
  • Re-evaluation of the Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire
  • 60 min Follow up recommendations and analyses
  • Unlimited email support messaging support between coaching sessions
  • Ongoing recommendations that are adapted as we go
  • Customized Educational resources and handouts
  • Access to professional grade supplement recommendations


Additional 3 Month Coaching Package

This package is perfect for those wanting additional support to help strategize and implement foundational habits for long term transformation.

  • 3 personalized 1:1 coaching sessions
  • Unlimited email support between sessions
  • Updating actions steps and goals
  • Additional food recipes and inspiration
  • Additional information and resources
  • Updated supplement recommendations


Al la carte options
for additional wellness support & functional analysis

30 min assessment / coaching sessions $59

KBMO blood test for food sensitivity, candida overgrowth, and leaky gut (Zonulin testing) $600

10 near mid and far infrared sauna session $350. 22% savings

10 ion cleanse foot detox session $350 22%savings

5 1 hour Lymphatic massage sessions $450 10% savings

To book your appointment with Marlene, please call 215-513-4403.