Massage Services

Charis Signature Therapeutic Massage

30 Min $45  ·  60 Min $85  ·   90 Min $120

At Charis, we understand the importance of decompressing and resting our bodies for optimal healing. Whether you are suffering from sciatica, frozen shoulder, repetitive motion problems or other chronic pain, this massage takes a targeted approach. Stress can often manifest itself as physical ailments and this massage technique is meant to treat both the manifestation and the root cause.  · 


30 Min $50   ·   60 Min $85  ·   90 Min $120

An ancient practice, cupping has been used for centuries to treat pain, improve immune function, reduce knots, and break up fibrosis within the muscles and connective tissue. Silicone cups are strategically placed and create suction therapy to the body.

Deep Tissue Massage

60 Min $90  ·   90 Min $125

Sometimes you have to dig a little deeper and this massage is deep and intense, utilizing trigger points with deep finger pressure and elbows. Reaching the deepest layers of the muscles and connective tissues, you’ll feel those tight and overworked muscles finally start to loosen up and provide you with relief.

Aromatherapy Massage  

60 Min $90  ·   90 Min $125

This plant based massage incorporates the healing properties of essential oils, throughout the service, both topically and through inhalation.  Essential oils are known for their psychological, spiritual and physical benefits such as reducing stress, promoting relaxation, clearing sinuses and reducing body aches, just to name a few.

Lymphatic Massage 

60 Min $100  ·  90 Min $140

Starting with deep diaphragmatic breathing to ensure the opening of lymphatic pathways, a manual lymphatic massage, paired with specific oils and a body vibration machine, creates a soothing experience designed to help promote the movement of lymphatic fluid. This is designed to decongest the body by removing stored waste and toxins. This is perfect for clients looking to reduce pain and swelling while improving various other health conditions

Pregnancy Massage

60 Min $95

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman’s life to connect with oneself and baby. Whether it’s lower back pain, neck and shoulder tightness, or just a little relaxation that is needed, a prenatal massage focuses on the mothers-to-be during pregnancy. Give yourself and baby a relaxing treatment that supports your body through massage, decreasing pressure, increasing relaxation, and leaving you feeling balanced and energized.

Hot Stone Massage

90 Min $125

A type of therapeutic massage, this technique uses heated stones, made from lava.  The stones are placed on specific areas of the body while the therapist holds warm stones using long strokes to ease muscle tension, improve blood flow and relieve pain.

Better Two-gether Massage Bundle

**Please call us at 215-513-4403 to schedule this service **

Two 60 Min Therapeutic Massages – $190  ·   Two Massages and Sauna – $220 (a 30% savings on Sauna!)  ·    Two Massages and Charcuterie Board – $220

The joys in life are even better when they are shared with someone we care about. Come in with your friend, family, spouse, or co-workers to treat yourselves to a bundle that has both of you in mind.