Detoxification Therapies

Charis Detox Bundle

90 Minutes – $100 

Pick all three and treat yourself to a wellness day. Combine a 40 minute Sauna session, a 30 minute Foot Detox and a 20 min Salt Therapy session. Help your body reduce inflammation and release toxins and maximize a deep overall detox to jump start your immune system.

Charis Deluxe Lymphatic Reset Bundle

2 Hours 40 Minutes – $215

Combine a 90 min lymph massage, 40 min sauna, and 30 min foot detox for a total lymphatic reset solution. 

Please call to schedule: 215-513-440


40 Minutes  –  $45 
Monthly Membership – $250/ month – up to 3x weekly (50% savings!)

Heat therapies have been used to help relax and heal the body for thousands of years. Infrared saunas use the same concept of heat therapy in conjunction with light therapy to help relax and detoxify the body. By emitting infrared light waves that create heat within the body, we are able to sweat and release stored toxins.

Most recently, infrared saunas are known for raising the body’s core temperature, which stimulates immune function and prepares the body to fight off viruses. They are also touted for producing anti-aging effects, joint and muscle pain reduction, and cardiovascular healing. Creating a parasympathetic response, the body is able to handle stress better, leading to an increased quality of life and improved symptoms of underlying health concerns.

With lower temperatures being used for infrared saunas than conventional saunas, reports have shown that those who are sensitive to very high heat can still reap the rewards of heat and light therapy.

IonCleanse Detox

30 Minutes  –  $45
Bundle 10 sessions for $35 each

Dating back centuries, many cultures around the world have recognized the toxic effects that environmental factors have on the human body. Detoxification rituals were implemented through the use of botanicals and stimulating the body’s natural waste removal process in an effort to improve health and ward off disease. Today we are exposed to the largest toxic load in the history of our planet, making routine detoxification essential to maintaining ones health. The IonCleanse system uses – and + polarization placing the body into a parasympathetic state, allowing for a more effective detoxing from mold, candida, heavy metals and glyphosates as well as other toxins. In combination with a healthy, low-stress lifestyle, IonCleanse provides a thorough and efficient way to maintain high energy levels and long-term wellness. 

Halo/Salt Therapy

15 Minutes  –  $25 

The benefits of salt therapy is wide ranging. Salt is naturally anti microbial and antibacterial. By grinding salt into small particles and inhaling you can experience the calming and detoxing effects of halo therapy, and support the immune, nervous, and lymphatic system.
Inhaling particles my reduce inflammation, toxins, bacteria, and mucus in the lungs and airway and improve respiratory conditions such as asthma, sinus congestion, bronchitis and COPD. We recommend weekly treatments to help keep the body healthy especially during flu and allergy season.

Red Light Therapy

20 Minutes  –  $25 

Red light therapy is a treatment that has been known to help skin issues such as wrinkles, acne, and scars, discomfort in muscle tissue, and well other parts of your body where inflammation is present.

By exposing the affected area to a low level of red or near-infrared light, which is a form of energy, we use this therapy to aid your body’s own natural healing response.